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Cancer Nutrition – Virtual Workshop

In the UK, the rate of cancer has increased intensely with new cases numbering at 359,960 people since 2015. From 2016, the mortality rate has grown to 163,444 people majority of them being women suffering from breast cancer. Despite the cases and mortality rate being high, there was more than 50% chances of survival for more than ten years between the years 2010 to 2011 in the Wales and England. Embarking on a long lasting lifestyle changes takes a good helping of get up and do, but having a new refreshed look at how we prepare our food and what we use it always a positive first step to food | Health | Edification. Commitment come in two parts, The foods and the preparation and at Vitaral Nutrition, we know that investing in these changes are more likely when you have guidance support and a virtual partner with a Cancer Nutrition Virtual Workshop.

The prevention rate has also been relatively good which was at 38% in 2015 and thus showing that cancer awareness has been treated with absolute caution in the UK. The diagnosis of cancer in the UK take a two-week wait, where 45% of patients diagnosed with cancer undergo surgery to remove the part affected by the tumor, with 27% of patients undergoing radiotherapy and 28% undergoing chemotherapy. The risk of getting cancerous cells is caused by factors associated with genetics, age and exposures such as smoking which is the most common cause of cancer in England. Cancer can be prevented by good dieting and also frequent screening for early detection which has a 60% chance of cure. What if Vitaral Nutrition could show you a way how to help prevent Cancer?

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